Monday, March 30, 2009

NEEDS is a Love

Love is the subject of union with the object, they mutually binding. Even kebergantungan each other, then you do not nodai ties with the hubris and hypocrisy.
Everyone want to feel love and want to be beloved. However, someone who would like to make should be able to read themselves, because many people who want to find love or even her minder did not believe in himself, I was a fraud, criminals, prostitutes or the poor me, my ugly face oe bobody's perfect.
That means the same regard to self-worth or not we all have the form of material and realistic in the sense only on the things that are visible lahiriyah. While the potential not only to the human problems of the material (reason and senses). Love is the potential of creating lahiriyah because gumpalah blast ruh Illahiyah in which the sentence is a nation (no god other than Allah).
But we must realize our own position, that in itself is a bond of love. Whoever is able to recognize themselves and know of the existence of potential heart, obviously in love that will be present in the self if we are able to clean the soul. Because the soul is the center circle of love, do not you feel because kekuranganmu minder, but if you are able to feel the droplets of water means that the soul is able to realize your love for each of the heart to think. For water droplets the sincerity of the soul is to receive what the attitude and sincerity of one ketundukkan "innal muhiba liman yuhibul mu'tiun" Indeed, when we love and we must obey what we love.
Basically, when we already feel the love, we will become slaves always ready to attend. O lovers of the, if indeed beruntungnya yourself to be able to clear up heart, pure, white, clean, and full of light. Truly happy souls reside if you have the heart that cared untain with prayer, is the reflection and zikir terawat with Shaleh charity.
In fact love has brought us hover above the cloud-free flying experience pleasure. For the love spark our minds have to always be positf, words are very beautiful and tuneful. Salalu dilumuri mouth with words that, far from the word hubris. Every grains contain moisture dimulutnya nuance wisdom and advice. Said he is very valuable, if other people listen and he will be stunned and amazed.
"Say:" If you (really) love Allah, follow me, Allah love and forgive your sins. " Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. " (Ali 'Imran verse 31).
It is very obvious if you have brought us in the quietness, so if you do not take love for it. If you love yourself with the changes the better, so if you do not love these quotes. If with a sincere love for yourself, patience and experience happiness, then you do not love about it.
O Know the lovers, we are not perfect human beings. Seyogyanyalah seconds we begin to realize the advantages we are not short of us. To become better, we must continue to try and continue the process of development will bring us love and forgiveness reach.
Furthermore, who does not want to feel the love!. Of course, we all want to feel.
Weak Gempal Bulu Stalan, 26 March 2009
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